In terms of the sector we are looking at, everyone knows that the sales department of Grupo La Caña is first-class. The department is made up of professionals who have played a vital role in the growth of the large customer portfolio that our company can now claim. Among these colleagues we can find Nuria Martín (49), the veteran of the department and a witness of our commercial expansion.

26 years ago, Nuria joined what was at the time already a prosperous company, Miguel García Sánchez e Hijos. Although she started in an administrative role, it wasn’t long before Antonio García, the manager of the Sales Department, took her on as part of his team. “After a few years, Antonio suggested I came to work in his department. It was a completely new position for me, but I saw it as a challenge and a decision by the company to place its trust in me for the future” she recalls. Antonio himself gave her “a large portfolio of clients in different parts of Europe who were loyal to the company”. Then came the first of many sales trips that have continued to rise over the years.

According to Nuria, the key to Grupo La Caña’s strong position in the European market, in a sector as competitive and changeable as this one, is a result of “the dedication and personal touch with our clients, something fundamental that we all know and learned from Antonio. How else are you going to convince someone that you will send them the best possible product and then meet their expectations?” she explains, before coming to a significant point “what really convinces people out there is the excellence of our fields and our professional work in the office”.

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