Last growing season we had a tomato production volume of 34,713,000 kg, a figure that we’re optimistic will increase by 10%. At Grupo La Caña we’re optimistic because, despite the fact that our sector is suffering a drop in tomato production, we’re seeing a constant demand on the market.

Keys for the future…


We have to place value on our production location due to its favourable climate and proximity to European consumers, which means greater energy savings with regard to transport and reduced CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. This is appreciated more and more by consumers, who are very aware of the environment and sustainable production at point of origin. This awareness means an increasing advantage for our products compared to other countries.



It’s quite difficult to compete with Moroccan production costs, but it’s possible to be competitive if we are backed by governments so that the tariff-free quotas established for the markets are not exceeded.

Quality and taste

For us it’s clear that we have to look for the varieties with the best flavour meeting the highest quality standards. We can ensure tomatoes with better firmness, an appealing colour and a long shelf life that compensate for shrinkage, with a production volume that back’s farmer’s efforts and, above all, that have a great taste.

Organics, here to stay and on the rise

Organic fruit and vegetable consumption stopped being just a market trend some time ago, and has become a habit for a large percentage of the population. This percentage will keep increasing. At Grupo La Caña, this is backed up by our seasonal forecasts, where we’ll increase our production of all organic tomato options by 40%.

Every channel matters

Although the food sector seems to have held its own during the pandemic, the drop in hospitality sector activity in recent months has also affected fruit and vegetable growers. Ending the health crisis is extremely necessary in order to reinvigorate the hospitality distribution channel. Similarly, online sales have played the main role during the pandemic, a channel that large-scale distribution is taking advantage of, and which we strongly support.

V Line – Tomato-based products

Caña Nature is our commercial offering for production based on our portfolio of fresh produce. We are focusing on guacamole, salmorejo, gazpacho and grated tomato products. These have received a great market reception and we’re already working with some of Spain’s leading distribution chains.


Research, development and innovation, the terms making up the well-known R+D+i equation, now have a more vital role to play in making our tomato production more competitive.

At Grupo La Caña, our trial farms are bustling with activity, where we begin the phase of studying the field behaviour of the various tomato varieties. This is undertaken in order to assess their response through crop planning, where the priorities are achieving organoleptic quality and improving the post-harvest life of the produce.


Everything adds up and every effort is needed to make our tomatoes the top choice of demanding consumers. Spanish tomatoes have a future.

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