At Grupo La Caña, we’ve got it clear, we know that the only viable growth strategy depends on striving for excellence in processes, management of talent and people as well as our farmers’ and customers’ satisfaction on a constant basis.

This leads us to understanding quality and social responsibility as a work philosophy, not just as a list of precepts set out by the various certifications that the market and official regulations require.

The concept of quality is fully integrated into our company and throughout the value chain, from the farmer down to the end product. Our formula is based on continuous growth in our commitment to the food people eat and their health. And everything else, processes, technology, talent, the research and innovation serving this commitment, makes up the core of our business model.

That’s how we’ve established our quality policy «Grupo empresarial La Caña, S.L, intends to fulfil its duty to manufacture products that are harmless, safe, legal and genuine in accordance with the specified quality, as well as acknowledging its responsibility with regard to customers. With this being the case, it places an emphasis on guaranteeing food safety and regulatory compliance (legal and internal) by complying with policies, regulations and standards».

It couldn’t be more clear, and as a result, all of the activities undertaken by the company are aimed at taking care of our employees and farmers, promoting healthy diets, promoting healthy habits, undertaking them in a way that’s environmentally friendly and obviously making commitments with regard to sustainability.

Additionally, from our beginnings until present, our business has been linked to a series of values and a business philosophy associated with respect, commitment, honour, humility, innovation, loyalty and work. In short, being a family that grows non-stop and whose constant evolution is, without a doubt, the motor driving this company.

Taking care of the environment – Environmental Policy

We believe that biological diversity is a key aspect in undertaking the company’s business and this is why we prioritise eliminating or reducing pollution to the greatest extent possible, optimising energy efficiency in addition to making efficient use of water and irrigation systems.

Grupo La Caña’s commitment in the environmental field is key to our daily work. To achieve this, we’ve established an Environmental Policy that governs the company’s activity and covers a broad spectrum of our production.

Protecting our environment, limiting the impact of our activities on the environment, promoting continuous improvement and prevention, involving our farmers in order to minimise waste and working hard to completely avoid action affecting biodiversity and natural habitats, form the basis of this integrated policy in our production.

Quality, present in the future of the organisation

Having become a large business group bringing almost 100 million kilos of fruits and vegetables to market, helping achieve a healthy lifestyle in Europe, the effort and commitment of the people at the company, workers, farmers and customers, and of course, it is thanks to this wealth of human capital that we can keep making progress and tackle the challenges of the future.

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