We’ve travelled the beautiful area of Nerja on Malaga’s Costa del Sol to interview José Broncano (55), fruit, vegetable and tropical produce farmer for Grupo La Caña. A restless individual that’s constantly looking to innovate, he’s passionate about tradition yet hooked on the cutting edge for crops.

«Serious and formal» is how he’s described by his technician Domingo Moyano. Broncano is a great example of a farmer-businessman. He grows plum tomatoes as well as avocados and mangos, with one hundred percent of his production currently being organic.

He assures us that he’s not in agriculture by accident, but rather that he’s truly passionate about farming. He admits that since he was a child he’s been deeply fascinated with farming, carrying on the work of his father who was also «one of the first people who made a commitment to greenhouses in Nerja».

After a number of decades focused on conventional produce, José realised that moving on to organic could be in his best interest. He wanted to do something different, a new challenge and thought «we’re going to change to organic farming, and here I am three crop years later». This has been to the extent that he has just finished changing over all of his production to organic, both for vegetables as well as for subtropical produce.

Our company’s commercial transparency is one of the values that made Broncano commit to Grupo La Caña, and is also motivated by «the service provided by the company, the seriousness you find here, that technician who comes to help you with whatever you need; how professional the company’s staff are is noted and appreciated», José assures us.

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