Corporate Social Responsibility has become enormously valued in the eyes of a society particularly critical of social injustice, child labour and the unacceptable conditions of some workers.

 Aware that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was turning into an important determinant for European markets, GlobalGAP, the main standard of good agricultural practice in our sector, decided to commit to the development of a specific module known as GRASP, a regulation which evaluates the risks of social practices in food production and farming and the ultimate aim of which is to guarantee social well-being.

GRASP certification endorses the socially responsible practices introduced in audited farms, which must already hold the GlobalGAP certificate, known to practically all of our farmers.

GRASP is based on social well-being, advocating that good agricultural practice should not only be applied to products, but also to people. Thus GRASP, which in Spanish translates as ‘GlobalGAP’s Risk Evaluation for Social Practices’ aims to directly examine social practices in farming, thoroughly evaluating specific issues such as workers’ health, safety and well-being.

GRASP provides assistance and resources in order to provide support to producers, enabling them to establish a good management system for their crops, while offering buyers and consumers a product with additional guarantees. However, beyond these two branches of the regulation, the priority is to protect farming’s the most important resource, people.

At Grupo La Caña, we feel proud to be able to declare that since 2013, the year we began doing the GRASP audit, we have got all our farmers certified in GRASP and those who still have not obtained this certification, already find themselves in the process of obtaining it.

Our agricultural professionals are currently certified with GRASP version V.3., which is annually renewed every January, although it is true that there are various extensions throughout the year for those farmers who have just begun production.

What are the benefits of GRASP on agricultural land?

  • Added value for food products which are marketed in national and European markets
  • Distinguishes you from the competition within the Horticultural sector
  • Improves the management system and social practices in farming
  • Strengthens workers’ rights
  • Improves workers’ sense of responsibility towards farming
  • Reduces costs of hiring and replacing existing personnel, as it helps to keep good and qualified workers
  • Strengthens good workers’ loyalty to the company
  • Reduces costs due to accidents
  • Creates a positive working environment, establishing clearer tasks and conditions
  • Promotes worker participation
  • Demonstrates to society farming’s commitment to corporate social responsibility
  • Increases status with providers and potential clients
  • Can be done together with the GlobalGAP audit, with minimal additional cost
  • Offers your buyers an extra guarantee
  • Protects farming’s most important resource, people

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