Our processed product division, Caña Nature, is to be congratulated on recently getting the organic production of its tomato-based products, such as grated tomatoes, salmorejo and gazpacho certified. As a result, a new line of organic grated tomatoes, gazpacho and salmorejo will soon be available in supermarkets and food shops.

This new launch is a response to our business group’s twin philosophy, a commitment to added value in agribusiness production based on Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+I), and an impulse to organic production, in which the figures for 2019 come in around 11 million kilos sold.

Javier Valverde, manager of Caña Nature, emphasizes the innovative and health nature of the brand, “All of our products are prepared naturally, from top-quality fruits and vegetables grown by our farmers on Granada’s Tropical Coast. Without additives or artificial preservatives (no E numbers) and suitable for celiacs, since they do not contain gluten».

«In addition, a high pressure pasteurisation (HPP) system is used in the production process, an ideal alternative to heat treating fruit and vegetables, which allows us to increase products’ shelf life by up to seven weeks, so they are more convenient to consume at home, without altering the qualities and benefits of the fresh fruit and vegetables we use producing all of our products», according to Valverde.

Caña Nature is the result of the major effort in Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+I) that we have been making in recent years, and which began with a clear intention: to offer European consumers a range of healthy, natural and, of course, tasty products.

Available for purchase online

Its whole current product portfolio, traditional guacamole, a low-calorie version, version rich in vitamin A, grated tomato, gazpacho and salmorejo, are available on the Caña Nature website for purchase online.

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