Caña Nature is here, our big move into processed products

Caña Nature is a major commercial commitment by Grupo La Caña, our first experience in the V range that’s devoted to preparing purées, cold soups, sauces and juices prepared with the products grown by our farmers.

Our new brand is giving the green light, putting some of consumers’ favourite products onto the market, focusing on the production of guacamole, salmorejo, gazpacho and grated tomato.

Caña Nature is the result of the major effort made in research, development and innovation (R+d+i) that Grupo La Caña has been undertaking in recent years, and comes with a clear vocation: providing European customers with a range of healthy and natural products, which of course, are incredibly tasty.

With more than 6,000 m2 of facilities equipped with the most advanced industrial equipment, on a 10,000 m2 plot of land in the Industrial and Technological Metropolitan Park (Granada), and a more than 5-million euro investment, the arrival of Caña Nature means a definitive move by Grupo La Caña into processed products.

Phases of an ambitious project

The first phase will get under way in October and includes the production of cold soups, purées and sauces, which will have the products Grupo La Caña produces and sells as a main ingredient, achieving a unique recipe for our taste buds and creating interesting synergies: we’ll be taking advantage of our strength both in supply and in cost and support in the commercialisation of guacamole, grated tomato, salmorejo and gazpacho.

In a future second phase, the project will be expanded to juices, since both the plant as well as the common elements have been designed to house both lines in the future, allowing for exponential growth.

A commitment to innovation and health

Caña Nature begins with the vocation to develop innovative products that are aimed at consumers concerned about eating healthy, natural and tasty. People who don’t have much time and seek out «healthy and convenient» products ready to be consumed.

All of our products are prepared naturally, from top-quality fruits and vegetables grown by our farmers on Granada’s Tropical Coast. Preservative and additive free (without E numbers) and suitable for celiacs, since they don’t contain gluten.

Furthermore, in the manufacturing process, a high pressure pasteurisation system (HPP) is used, the ideal alternative for the thermal processing of fruit and vegetables, allowing us to increase the product lifetime without altering its properties to a large degree so they are easier to eat at home.

This is thanks to the temperature during this whole process being maintained at a refrigerated or room temperature. In this way, the products maintain their sensory and nutritional quality while their safety is improved.

Putting a range of products onto the market with these characteristics is possible thanks to the Caña Nature project making a commitment to the added value of agro-industrial production and progress made in derived products, and more specifically, the introduction of new technologies, R+D+i in preservatives and other components as well as in research applied to new products and processes for food processing.

Accordingly, Caña Nature is bursting onto the scene with a clearly differentiated product line with a full range of functional guacamoles based on natural extracts, Premium Functional Guacamoles, that have been awarded First Prize for Food Innovation by the Coviran Foundation:

Low-calorie Guacamole

Guacamole High in Vitamin A

Guacamole High in Fibre

Traditional Guacamole

A strategy that doesn’t just respond to consumer demand, with them asking for more natural products with added value, and which therefore have extra health benefits, but that also means placing value upon and using the co-products created when processing the avocados sold by Grupo La Caña.

Our Products


We’re introducing a whole family of functional guacamoles onto the market. Their innovative formulation has been developed in collaboration with the University of Granada and the CIDAF Technology Centre, using totally natural ingredients to achieve their functional properties without giving up the great taste.

Gazpacho and salmorejo

The salmorejo, with a recipe without bread or gluten, will be sold in tubs and bottles. The gazpacho, will be able to be obtained in bottles of various sizes.

Grated tomato

Our natural grated tomato will be packaged in tubs.

> Stand out / Featured beside the product descriptions:

  • 100% natural, additive and preservative free, with La Caña avocados.

  • Processed using High Pressure (HPP) technology, ensuring maximum naturalness, freshness and safety.